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 If you ever thought, I wonder why my horse does  that, I wish my horse would do this or that, I wish my horse wouldn't do  this or that, I just want to feel safe and have more success and fun  with my horse. Then our programs are for you!
 Our aim is to help both the horse and rider  become even more successful by presenting a balanced foundation from  which you can build a confident, trusting, respectful relationship,  without sacrificing the spirit of either the horse or the human.
Our Vision  is to offer every horse lover an even better partnership with your  horse so you both enjoy a safe ride with confidence and harmony.

Our mission is to present individualized programs designed to meet the needs of horse lovers so you become even better horsemen. 

Read about the   History and Growth of Heart in Your Hand Horsemahship  

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 Our Motto: Put your heart in your hand.

Your hands  tell the horse  who you are through your rhythm, feel, timing, and  balance. Your hands  communicate to your horse what is in your heart.    When we have light hands it causes us to be light throughout  our whole  body, even the mind. Our hands are special instruments.   

Everything  from a piano concerto to brain surgery are performed with  precise human  dexterity.  The eyes are said to  be windows to the soul but the hands are directly connected to the heart.  We can’t be impatient, angry or aggressive and still have  light hands.   But when we consciously and deliberately lighten our hands  our heart  and entire being follows.

 Horses respond positively to hands  that speak  with certainty and kindness from the heart.
So remember the next time you are inclined to turn up the pressure, first try softening your hands. 

 You just might be surprised at the result.  

Way More Than Just Riding Lessons


We go the extra mile for every horseman 
who seeks to have more savvy.  

We are friendly and care about your horse like it is our own.

We adapt our programs and instruction to fit individual needs.

We won't ask you to do anything that we won't do.

We believe a good teacher strives to help their students become more skilled than the teacher

We believe in you and will do everything we can to help you continue your journey until you reach your destination 

We keep in regular contact with you in order to offer continued support and encouragement to ensure your success. 

Our Prices are the best in the industry.The value you get with us will be way more than you expect. 

Happy Horses Happy People


 Choose one or more of our learning services; you  will be on a life changing journey where you will win your horse's  heart, gain a new level of confidence, leadership & communication  skills that will also transfer to other areas of your life.  

  • Private Lessons
  •  2, or 3 day Clinics (any location with a host coordinator) 
  • 2-5 day Horsemanship Camps
  • Trail Ride Camp for the whole family
  • Spirit Horse Retreat
  • Mini Clinics (1/2 day) with Free Trail Ride (Burwell) 
  • Equine Psychology Classes
  • Health and Fitness for Rider
  • Motivational Speaking 
  • Demonstrations  
  • Apprenticeship Program 
  • Raindrop Technique on Horses to Support Health
  • On-Line Horsemaship Study Courses 
  • All camps with * are held at  Horse Lovers Bunkhouse Burwell, NE 

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